The Internet of Things

I’ve been working with embedded systems since 1987, and kept on designing things in my spare time even as I rose to CTO.  When I discovered the Arduino platform in 2009, what first struck me was the rapidity of prototyping.  As an engineer, I was able to get the first […]


Looking for a more cost-effective way to keep up to speed with standardisation activities in Geneva, where such standards bodies as the W3C, Internet Society, ITU, DVB, EBU, ISO and IEC are all based? I have decades of standardisation experience representing multiple companies at DVB (the industry body that sets global standards […]

Rapid Prototyping for a good cause

One of the great things about being based in Geneva is the interesting people you meet. While working on innovation for “International Geneva”, I met up with the ICRC’s innovation team. They have been working on a global makeathon for humanitarian causes. One thing led to another, and I ended […]


I’m a designer and maker at heart.  With a background in industrial robotics I got sidetracked into the Digital Media field for a couple of decades, but my making core was never far away.  I founded and help run Pangloss Labs, a collaborative open innovation centre in the Geneva area.  It […]


My entire career has been in the technology world. Seventeen years of that has been focused on media technology – following the conversion of television service providers from analog to digital to internet to multi-screen services and the Internet of Things. I took a strategic view, representing multiple companies at […]