For twenty-five years I’ve been working in technology strategy. Looking at new technology developments and seeing what their impact on business will be, or looking at business goals and finding the right technology to achieve them.  Some concrete examples:

  • As Chief Technology Officer at Osmosys I transformed Osmosys from a startup with a technology to a product company.
  • As VP Strategy at ADB I helped guide the company from a hardware company to a software company.
  • As VP Communications at ADB I changed the customer and press perception to a software company in just nine months

During the course of this time I’ve made hundreds of predictions about the markets, what technologies to invest in, what not to invest in. As an example, I was responsible for preventing one company from investing in GoogleTV, which utterly failed in the market place.

Now the world is changing faster than ever.

If you’re struggling to see the way ahead, if you’re stuck in the details and can’t clarify what it is you need to do I can help. I’m an expert in cutting through the unnecessary information and honing in on what is essential to a project, a business or a strategic direction.

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