Looking for a more cost-effective way to keep up to speed with standardisation activities in Geneva, where such standards bodies as the W3C, Internet Society, ITU, DVB, EBU, ISO and IEC are all based?

I have decades of standardisation experience representing multiple companies at DVB (the industry body that sets global standards for digital audio visual services), working in many different groups and finally serving on the DVB Steering Board for 6 years. This included working with other groups like IETFW3CDLNA, ETSI, CENELEC, and OSGi.  I’ve also participated in CableLabs (US & EU), Digital Europe, the Digital Interoperability Forum and others.  I am fully conversent with the peculiar mix of technology foresight and corporate diplomacy necessary for successful standardisation efforts and am based in Geneva, Switzerland, reducing your costs.  I can report in writing, teleconference or videoconference as suits you.

By hiring me to act as your company’s representative you:

  • Benefit from decades of experience in international standardisation
  • Don’t lose your employees time travelling

In addition you have:

  • No travel time to pay.
  • No flights to pay. I already have my TPG subscription for the bus and trams.
  • No hotel bills to pay. I live here.
  • No expensive Geneva dinners to pay. I live here.

Contact me for a quote.

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