My entire career has been in the technology world. Seventeen years of that has been focused on media technology – following the conversion of television service providers from analog to digital to internet to multi-screen services and the Internet of Things.

I took a strategic view, representing multiple companies at DVB (the industry body that sets global standards for digital audio visual services), working in many different groups and finally serving on the DVB Steering Board for 6 years. This included working with other groups like IETF, W3C, DLNA and OSGi.  I am fully conversent with the peculiar mix of technology foresight and corporate diplomacy necessary for successful standardisation efforts.

I have deep expertise in interactive TV solutions and EPG design, having been responsible for the Graphyne Multi-screen user experience at ADB. I’ve worked with the vast majority of Pay-TV operators around the world.

If you need consulting help with understanding the future of digital TV, media services, or the Internet of Things, if you are struggling to maintain a competitive offer, need help defining new products, or just need someone in Geneva who can help with your standards participation, I can help.

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